Html Email Boilerplate

A Simple HTML Email Boilerplate for Your Email Marketing

How to use these templates:

Use these code examples as a guideline for formatting your HTML email to avoid some of the major styling pitfalls in HTML email design. You may want to create your own template based on these snippets or just pick and choose the ones that fix your specific rendering issue(s).

There are two main areas in the template:

  • The header (head) area of the document. You will find global styles, where indicated, to move inline.
  • The body section contains more specific fixes and guidance to use where needed in your design.

DO NOT COPY OVER COMMENTS AND INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE CODE to your message or risk spam box banishment.


It is important to note that sometimes the styles in the header area should not be or don't need to be brought inline. Those instances will be marked accordingly in the comments. Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels you can leverage in a digital marketing strategy. If you're developing a new email marketing strategy, use these downloadable email marketing templates to get started. Alternatively, if you're looking to improve your email marketing sales funnel, take a look at the ClickMinded email marketing course.

Email marketing and social media marketing are the pillars of digital marketing that go hand-in-hand, they're both important aspects of digital marketing generally. If you're more focused on social media, use some of these resources to get started - job seekers can use this resume template for social media marketing. Freelancers and consultants might find this social media invoice template useful, and anyone with a YouTube channel needs this YouTube video description template.

Keep in mind:

Not all of the styles in the header area should be brought inline. Those instances will be marked accordingly in the comments.
Remember to test accordingly with your own code and styling. Although this code will help you get through a number of HTML email issues, it is no substitute for proper testing.

There are 2 templates available:

1. Basic email template with helpful comments included

2. Basic email template without comments

HTML Email Boilerplate